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RONDELET is a sort of poem which is talking about daily life of any situation in a funny way and colloquial language with some rhymes.
Rondelet is a composition consisting of eight-syllable verses that can rhyme in assonance or consonance, often composed of quatrains and limericks, having the shape of a Christmas carol or romance accompanied by a chorus.
Rondelet, often have a satirical tone; some famous singers have a music based on “letrillas” (rondelet in Spanish); like Quevedo on “The mighty lord is the money”, or Gongora in “walking me hot, and people laugh”.
RONDELET II, is one of the poems from one of my published book “Break Time Stories” written by Jerry gómoez Shor, Jr.


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The Walker (short comedy movie)

The Walker is a short story based on one of the stories of the book “Break Time Stories” written by Jerry Gomez Shor and published on Amazon books.

“On Earth, before writhing and printing, there was always poetry”… (Pablo Neruda, Chile)

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I proudly present to you my first short movie proyect made in “the video producing and editing” class at LAUSD SKILL CENTER.

And here are some of the storyboard made of the script before shooting video

P1020446 P1020447


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