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RONDELET is a sort of poem which is talking about daily life of any situation in a funny way and colloquial language with some rhymes.
Rondelet is a composition consisting of eight-syllable verses that can rhyme in assonance or consonance, often composed of quatrains and limericks, having the shape of a Christmas carol or romance accompanied by a chorus.
Rondelet, often have a satirical tone; some famous singers have a music based on “letrillas” (rondelet in Spanish); like Quevedo on “The mighty lord is the money”, or Gongora in “walking me hot, and people laugh”.
RONDELET II, is one of the poems from one of my published book “Break Time Stories” written by Jerry gómoez Shor, Jr.


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The Sparrow and the Frog (Inspirational story) represent creatures in search of their own destiny. They are moved by deals that are higher than the average being. Embracing change, as a new form of adventure, will help us discover aspects of ourselves we never imagine existed. We must remember,  though, that wherever we go and whatever we do, in order to protect ourselves we must always have our moral values as our shield and our ethical principles as our sword.


Aristofanes Cover REAL FINAL

Aristophanes (scifi novel),  He was a man motivated by his endless need to acquire fame and  power, a force that would keep him in a golden bubble, far away from the real world. One day and old friend invites him to join a strange adventure and he finds himself discovering a different reality that gives him a glance at his life at an altered space/time universe. Easy to read, this bilingual sci-fi novel takes us through many places and situations similar to the ones so many live. Its simple message is to be in peace with yourself after achieving your potential as a human being.



A collections of short stories and poems, narrated here with a mixture of nativism, naturalism, and romance written in a humorous manner, glimpse into the life experience of the writer. In brief, these humanistic short stories and poems where penned for the delight of the readers of any age, whose mind stays pure and young. “Break time stories” were compiled as best as possible. More than giving directives, this short book gives the reader suggestions…. because life is like that. it comes and goes through you without much explanation.



(A book only in spanish; not translated to the english, yet!)

    Una antologia a los trabajos de Diana Shor Acevedo. Quien fuera en vida una artista prolifica, tanto en el campo de las letras como el de las artes visuales. Y sin embargo, el tiempo se le acabo antes de lograr compartir su trabajo de manera publica. En este libro, su hijo Jerry Gomez Shor Jr. recopila una serie de trabajos bajo un titulo y honra a su madre con esta antologia que contiene los poemarios ilustrados “Trazos”  y “Chispa de Galaxia”, el poemario y libro de relatos “Nosotros los niños” y la recopilacion de algunas de sus mejores pinturas en la seleccion de pictografias.

Journal of an Immigrant


     This novel-essay has not been written with the intention of undermining American culture, or extolling the patriotism of some, but just to give an idea of how this country is seen through the eyes of a newcomer. In these pages you will find the good, the bad and the ugly of both perspectives: the migrant and the receiver. It also shows the point of view of an immigrant under certain circumstances definitely tied to his past. Every wandering person who in search of his destiny crosses foreign borders brings with him different experiences that in turn influence the way other immigrants perform in the future. There are thousands of “journals of immigrants” and they all are helpful. This is my version. My intention is to show the reader a broader view, accepting the other, and learning from each of them. Because the more we learn from others, the better we will be as people.

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